Frequently asked Stairlift Questions.

Will I need to redecorate after my Acorn Stairlift is installed?
The Acorn Stairlift is fitted to your staircase, not the wall; so there's a minimum of disruption to your home, and no unsightly repairs to be made. Our expert installers will install, test and demonstrate your stairlift, and leave your home just as tidy as they found it.

I have a disability. Will an Acorn Stairlift be suitable for me?
All Acorn Stairlifts have been designed to ease difficulty with many disabilities; why not contact us today to talk through your circumstances and the options available to you. All our advisors are highly trained and sensitive to your needs.

I have problems bending my knees, can I use an Acorn Stairlift? 
Our Stairlift Sales Tasmania assessor will take detailed measurements to ensure you will fit on the stairlift on your stairs. We offer the Perch & sit/stand model stairlifts where we find you may have difficulties sitting on the stairlift.

What is the maximum weight that an Acorn Stairlift will carry?
The standard Acorn Superglide Stairlift has a maximum user weight of 127kg.

What happens if there is a power failure, will I be stranded?
An Acorn Stairlift is battery powered and will continue to work even if you have a power cut.

My staircase is quite narrow. Will an Acorn Stairlift fit?

Acorn stairlifts require very little space on the staircase and will fit on to the narrowest of staircases.

My Staircase is not straight. Can a stairlift be installed?


A curved stairlift is much more complicated and difficult to install, and therefore more expensive, but with the Acorn modular system these extra costs are minimised. An Acorn curved stairlift is a very economical solution to a curved problem.

How long does it take to install an Acorn Stairlift?
 Because your Acorn Stairlift is precut to the exact dimensions of your staircase, it usually takes less than two hours to install. A curved stairlift will take longer to install. But any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. Before Stairlift Sales Tasmania leave your home, they will make sure that the stairlift is tested thoroughly, and demonstrate all the features - making sure you are perfectly happy and know how to use it - and of course leave everything as clean and tidy as you had it before.

What kind of warranty does Acorn offer?
 Your Acorn Stairlift comes with a fully comprehensive 12-month warranty. If any component should fail due to faulty manufacture during the first year of ownership, Acorn will repair free of charge. After that, we have several different Cover Plans available to suit a range of budgets. Remember that the Acorn Superglide Stairlift is a very, very reliable piece of equipment. Acorn stairlifts are manufactured to the world's highest standards and exceeds the requirements of most of them, ensuring life-long safety, reliability and engineering excellence.

The Acorn Stairlift is specified to meet, or exceed the requirements of:

  • BS 5776:1996 - British Standard - 'Specification for powered stairlifts'
  • CE Mark - Acorn Stairlift meets the requirements of the applicable European Directive(s).
  • UL compliant(Underwriters Laboratory Inc) for mechanical and electrical hazards

How much does an Acorn Stairlift cost?
Because every staircase is different, and people's requirements differ, we tailor our solutions to individual needs. Because of this, to quote a price on our website would be misleading. Your Acorn Stairlift will be assembled to suit your staircase dimensions.

Therefore Stairlift Sales Tasmania is quite happy to give an obligation free quote, on site, any where in Tasmania.